Appendix, References and Bibliography

The author gratefully acknowledges the improvements resulting from the comments and suggestions made by Carol Powell, Metallurgist and Consultant to the Copper Development Association.

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Ron Strang,  Shipahm Valves Technical director and author of the website contentEur Ing J R C Strang BSc CEng FIMechE, graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Aston University, Birmingham, UK in 1981. Since then he has worked in the design and development of valves, initially with Serck Audco Valves, Newport, Shropshire and then Orseal Valves in Bolton, Lancashire. For the last 13 years he has been employed as Technical Director at Shipham Valves in Hull. Shipham manufactures extensively in nickel-aluminium bronze, as did Orseal Valves. As a result of working with this and other seawater materials, he has many years experience of them and has built up an extensive collection of literature, some of which has been used for this website.



Appendix - Material Data

   shipham valves word logoPlease download the Material data sheets used for the calculations.


Appendix - Pressure-temperature calculation

Reference ASME B16.34-2004

For the cold working pressure of NAB to ASTM B148 UNS C95800

Tensile strength, 85 000 psi
Yield strength, 35 000 psi

S1, selected stress is the lower of:

(1) 60% x yield = 60% x 35 000 psi = 21 000 psi
(2) 1.25 x 25% x tensile = 1.25 x 25% x 85 000 psi = 26 560 psi

Therefore S1= 21 000 psi

For class 150, pr=115 and C1=1

pst = C1S1 pr / 8750

pst = 1 x 21 000 x 115 / 8 750 = 276 psi, 19 bar


Appendix - References and Bibliography

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Several other material standards have been referred to in passing: identification by the standard number used should suffice.


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